Türkay Alıca

Founding Partner / President of Board

Türkay Alıca has been graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1986 and started his career as a Candidate Judge in 1987. Between 1989 and 2001, he worked, in the following order, as Public Prosecuter in various cities of the country and as Rapporteur Judge in the Supreme Court. He completed his Master's Degree in İstanbul University Law Faculty, Social Science Institute Civil Law Section with Thesis Subject: ’Banking Credit Contracts’ in 1993.

Between 2002-2003, he participated in an international training programme within the framework of "Effective Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Turkey and Establishment of Special Courts Project” organised by Turkish Ministry of Justice and the European Commission. Within the scope of this project, he received training at leading institutes and universities in the field of intellectual property, including, Queen Marry Intellectual Property Research Institute, University of London; Eidgenössische Technische Hohschule, Zürich; Magister Lucentinus, University of Alicante; Politecnico di Milano, University of Milano; European Patent Office as well as German Federal Patent Court, Munich. In 2003, he was appointed as Judge to the Penal Court of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights, Ankara and worked as Judge in the Ankara 3rd Court of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights between 2007-2016. After completing his career as a judge, he established Alıca Law Office in 2016, and has been working on academical and professional aspects of IP Law/ IP disputes as legal advisor, lawyer and lecturer.

Türkay Alıca has numerous essays, papers and presentations in the field of IP Law and Enforcement of IP Rights. He is the co-author of the Commentary named “Interpretation of Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works” in volumes I & II and "Industrial Property Law with Rationale, Comparison and Caselaw". Türkay is also the author of Turkey Sections in "Patent Enforcement Worldwide, Writings in Honor of Dieter Stauder", 3th Edition, Edited by Christopher Heath, (Published by Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland, Oregon -2015) and “Compulsory Licensing in Europe, A Country by Country Overview” (Published by European Patent Academy, Munich 2018).

He is a native Turkish speaker and fluent in English.

Ankara Bar Association
Intellectual Property Judges’ Association (IPJA)
Circle of Trademark Judges (Cet-J)


Fethi Merdivan

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Bülent Önder

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Levent Yavuz

Consultant / Lawyer Honorable (Retired) Member of the 11th Commercial Chamber of the Turkish Supreme Court

Işıl Efiloğlu

Executive Assistant